Back To School Pantry Organization

Along with the changes that accompany the new school year, meals, snacks and tight timelines can be cause for stress and chaos.  Save time during the busy school week by having an organized pantry that simplifies making school lunches and grabbing after-school snacks.

So many storage issues are solved, not by adding space, but rather by using space more effectively.  Need help organizing your spaces?  Contact us for custom solutions!  

Wishing you a successful school year!

Statement Making Floors

Statement Making Floors

With the steadfast popularity of painted cabinetry, the warmth of a space is even more dependent on the surface of your flooring.   Wood looking floors in any material reign king but nothing compares to the distinctive character of real hardwoods.

These extra wide European Oak planks deliver unparalleled beauty.  Their ultra-matte hand and wire brushed finish display the richness of the wood.  View all 8 new inspiring selections at our Stanley showroom.

In a world of white subway tile be BOLD & choose unexpected.

The backsplash is a small but impactful finishing touch to your kitchen.  Selecting a material with pattern or color will give your kitchen a distinct personality.  Think outside the white, rectangular box!


Still craving the subway pattern, turn up the style with color and textural interest.

Check out these tiles and so much more at our Stanley showroom!

Adding low voltage LED lighting has never been easier!

Free yourself from cumbersome, expensive installations of traditional lighting systems.  Our newest technologies now make adding LED lighting to your space easier than ever.

The combination of a wireless receiver and a remote dimmer offers convenience and flexibility.

This traditional styled toggle dimmer switch is designed to fit standard electrical boxes and Decora style wall plates, this groundbreaking new wireless technology will drastically reduce materials and labor costs without sacrificing quality or style.

Toggledimmerswitch3 Toggledimmerswitch2 Toggledimmerswitch1 Toggledimmerswitch4

Why clutter your beautiful backsplash? Try our new low profile, wireless micro dimmer. The mounting case comes with an integrated magnet for mounting to metallic surfaces, or can be screw mounted to any wood surface as well. With smooth dimming, a simple one-button control, and the freedom to place it anywhere within 65 feet of the receiver, the Micro truly is a game-changing addition.

Microdimmer 3 Microdimmer 2 Microdimmer 1

Visit our Stanley showroom to see and test these amazing new products!!

The allure of cement patterned tile

I don’t know about you, but I keep bumping into these fabulous patterned tiles, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Check out our newest line, mimicking Moroccan cement tile.  Both contemporary and vintage… no better way to add a pop of personality.

Cementine 2 Cementine 3 Cementine 4 Cementine 5 Cementine 6

New Tile Arrival!

Clearly we are ecstatic with our new slate tile series… let the design juices flow!!!

An array of neutral colored slate ranging from steel grey, to desert gold, to black. Accented with frosted glass tiles and artistic listellos.  These mosaics compliment both contemporary and rustic designs.  See them in person at our Stanley showroom!

Countryside Slate CreameryCountryside Slate Homestead

Spring/Summer Newsletter

Judy Yurkovich

Judy Yurkovich prepares a meal in her new, beautiful kitchen.  For images of her dream home and much more enjoy our Spring/Summer Newsletter!!

Spring/Summer Newsletter 2015

The beauty of stone Inside your home…

Everyone knows the visual affect of incorporating stone onto the exterior of your home, but many of our clients don’t realize the impact of a natural or cultured stone material utilized inside the home.  Integrating stone into your homes finishes adds instant warmth and character to any room.

Check out these applications-

A variety of textures and natural materials come together to give these kitchens unique character.

Stone1 NSVI Kitchen bronze-drystack-h6 Eldorado Kitchen1







Unwind in one of these serene baths.

Stone2 Stone1 Eldorado Bath2 Eldorado Bath1

Rest in the beauty of natural surroundings.

Eldorado Bedroom1

Submerge your home and yourself in elements of design that are natural, classic and enduring for a home that will out live any design trend.

NSVI sydney_bridgewater6 NSVI sydney_bridgewater2NSVI virg_ledgestone_laundry Eldorado Theatre1 Eldorado Fireplace4 Eldorado Fireplace1

View many of these natural and cultured stone products in our Stanley showroom.  We can assist you through every step of the selection process. From cabinetry and countertops to flooring, hardware, and stone, your designer will help you choose the best products to suit your personal style and needs.