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What is Dekton?

Dekton is a new surfacing material with the features we have all been asking for in a countertop:

  • Super resistant to extreme changes of temperature  – It resists, ice, thawing, fire and heat and will not crack due to thermal shock
  • Super dense – It has zero water absorption and will not stain
  • Super strong – It is extremely impact resistant – even more than quartz and granite, so it is very difficult to scratch and chip
  • It will not fade due to Ultra Violet UV sunlight, so it can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • It can be cleaned and scrubbed easily without damage

What is Dekton made of? Dekton is made with a sophisticated blend of materials that are used to produce the highest quality glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces. The difference lies in the advanced manufacturing process, called ‘sinterization’ that presses the materials into an ultra-compact product like no other. Dekton merely imitates and substitutes a process in which Mother Nature takes thousands of years to produce. This is accomplished by the use of proprietary technology in an impressive state of the art facility in Almeria, Spain, that was built exclusively for the manufacturing of Dekton. Dekton is made by Cosentino, the innovators in the industry, who years ago brought Silestone Quartz to us, and who now have decided to reinvent the manmade surface material into one type of surface to cover the demand of the consumers: Dekton Ultracompact. Interior and Exterior Use of Dekton Dekton has unrivaled aesthetics and innovative features that make it a product of choice of use in both interior and exterior projects, contributing an extensive palette of Dekton colors (Brownboots – please ling to Dekton colors). Dekton may be used in residential and commercial environments for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and even building facades. Its superior characteristics provide an exceptional resistance to UV rays which help maintain the color consistency when used in outdoors application. Even artists have now made big outdoors sculptures in Milan and Spain because of the structural strength.


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