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We carry a beautiful variety of hard surface flooring options as well as area rugs. 

Wood Flooring.

Wood floors not only add a classic touch of elegance but also a bit of warmth.  We offer pre-finished solid hardwoods and pre-finished engineered hardwoods.  Engineered hardwood floors are made up of layers. The top layer is 100% natural wood and the thickness of the layer varies between each product. Below the hardwood is layers of plywood that crisscross in different directions.  Engineered construction creates a highly stable core that is less likely to expand, contract or shift when exposed to moisture, humidity and temperature. This makes engineered wood flooring a great option in rooms that are subject to moisture (like basements) or over concrete slab and radiant heating systems.  Engineered flooring can be floated, glued or stapled.  The stability offered by engineered wood makes it possible for wide plank widths without issue of cupping and gaping..

Luxury Vinyl.

Luxury vinyl is designed to look like hardwood or stone and is durable and waterproof. It is made in plank or tile sizes anddepending on the material can be glued down, floating with water tight locking, or loose laid. Advancement in technology has expanded this market and colors, patterns and textures have greatly improved.  Luxury vinyl can be a great DIY.


Both porcelain and ceramic tile are very durable flooring choices.  The styles and sizing options are limitless and the product is maintenance free.  Advancements in grout stain resistance and durability has improved and floor heating options are available for those who desire the warmth under foot.  Natural stone tile is also a durable option but does require the routine maintenance of sealing as natural materials are porous and susceptible to staining.

Area Rugs.

Area rugs add comfort and warmth and an inviting feel into a space.  The numerous color and pattern options make it easy to pull a room together no matter your personal style. It’s important to consider how a space will be used, what kind of traffic it will receive, and how much coziness you desire when selecting your rug material.